Should I Delete Prefetch Files To Boost Up Pc Performance

Published: 06th May 2011
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There Are Various Ways By Which You Can Speed Up Your Slow Computer. These Include Deleting Temporary Files, Etc. Many Also Think That Deleting Prefetch Files Is A Very Important In This Context. Go Through This Article And Learn Whether It Is Necessary To Empty Prefetch Folder Or Not. You Can Also Avail PC Tune-Up Support From A Reliable PC Repair Company In This Regard.

The Prefetch Folder On Windows Contains Many Files. You Are New To The Domain Of Computer And Donít Have Any Idea What To Do With These Files. Many Also Say That Prefetch Files Play A Crucial Role To Slow Down The Computer. You Are In Dilemma, Whether To Delete These Files Or Leave Them As It Is.

Letís Delve Deeper Into The Discussion And Check What These Files Are All About. Windows XP Operating System Has Plenty Of Hidden Features And The Prefetch Files Are One Of Them. Prefetch Files Play Crucial Role To Optimize The Application Loading As Well As Booting Up The Operating System. If A Program Is Opened, The Prefetch Files Save The Information Which Is Required For The Program To Load. While You Open The Same Program These Files Make The Program Load Faster.

In One Word, The Prefetch Files Are The Transitional Source Between The Operating System And The Application. These Files Provide Instant Information To The PC So That Software Applications Could Load Faster And Quicker Manner. The Operating System Of Your PC Incorporates The Windows XP Cache Manager. Its Job Is To Monitor The Data That Is Moving Between The Disk And RAM.

Whenever You Ask An Application To Load Up, The Cache Manager Checks The Prefetch Folder And Looks For The Matching Map. If The Map Is Found, The Applications And Programs Respond Faster And Quicker. Where The Folder Is Located? It Is Located In The %Windir%\Prefetch Folder. You Can Access The Folder By Typing "%Windir%\Prefetch" Without Quotes In "Run" Dialog Box.

Since Prefetch Folder Comprises So Many Files, It Occupies More Computer Memory And Due To This Reason Many Think That It Is Better To Delete Prefetch Files. But Form The Discussion It Is Quite Evident That They Donít Slow Down The PC, Rather Help Windows In Optimizing Search Operation During Launch Time. These Files Are Referred By The Cache Manager Only When A Particular Application Is Launched. So, If You Delete The Prefetch Files, It Will Only Make Your Computer Slower. Remember, Prefetch Files Are Obsolete Files That The Computer Uses To Reboot It Or To Load Applications.

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